Performance Aircraft

David has an amazing selection of aircraft that he performs in all over North America. He has vintage biplane routine in the Bücker Jungmeister, high-energy aerobatics in his CAP-232, and an unexpected and exciting aerobatic offering in what appears to be a normal Beech Baron...

Bücker Jungmeister

The Bücker Jungmeister is a classic biplane that David spurs to life in magnificent tribute to the barnstormers of yesteryear. From the open cockpit, he guides this pristine crowd favorite through dramatic loops and rolls, even waving with both hands to the crowd as he comes over the top! Nostalgia meets performance and timeless skill when David brings the Bücker to your airshow!

Beech Baron

Widely known as a business aircraft, you don't expect to see a Beech Baron doing aerobatics, but that's exactly what David does in this one! He puts the aircraft through some incredible maneuvers, showcasing magnificent aerobatic capability in a seemingly non-aerobatic airplane. It's an unexpected thrill ride you won't want to miss!

CAP 232

The CAP 232 is a nimble, high-performance aircraft capable of incredible aerobatics in the right hands. David gives it an awesome workout in his aerial ballet of tumbles, rolls, loops and spins in a routine he has perfected over many hours of intense training and competition.



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